About Me

Friend Request: If I send you a Friend Request it means that I admire your work and would love to work with you. I am all about learning and growing and each person I friend request can help me continue to grow as a photographer.

About me
I am an experienced and creative photographer looking to grow my business and expand my portfolio. I am also interested in storytelling through my images working on specific concepts and themes.

About my work
Images tell a story of a thousand words. Every line, shape, and shadow builds on a story. My objective is to demonstrate my passion through photography.

How I work
My priority is to do paid work, but I am also interested in TF when we both benefit from the shoot.
Guidelines for Trade work:
• Maximum of 4 hours (depending on the requirements for hair, make-up and wardrobe).
• Please be prepared with 3-6 changes in wardrobe.
• Model is responsible for MUA/Hair, unless previous arrangement are made.
• Unlimited Poses
• Local or on location depending on travel time and expenses.
• I provide 10 edited images on DVD or via hyperlink.
• Basic edit package includes color and exposure correction, cropping, and simple retouching.
• Files can be provided to a professional retoucher at your request and cost.
• Model release form must be signed and ID must be copied for my files.
I am available to shoot anywhere in the USA. Expenses can be negotiated.
I will be Spending sometime traveling This Summer/Fall in the following areas NYC, Cleveland, Akron, Erie, Batimore, Boston, Rochester, Syracuse, Washinginton DC, Charlotte, Knoxville, Indianapoles,Minneapolis, California and more.

Future Directions
• I plan to explore new ideas and creativity.
• I have a head full of ideas, themes, and concepts but am also interested to collaborate to develop your ideas.
Get into Stock images, enter Contest, get work into Magazine and working with Celebrity Clients.

Contact Information
Send me a Personal Message here or on Facebook. I look forward to working with you. Please contact me for availability and rates.


I feel blessed to have worked the people I have each shoot I learn something new.

Chrissy C. not on MM
Toanya R. not on MM
Angela M. not on MM
Ashlee #758413
Dia M- not on MM.
Taryn L. #1059158
Shannon&Charles- No on MM
Dayna #828126/Karra -
Omari # 1262714/ Ananda Star # 691089 NYC Shoot -
Susan #1360228
Giabella #770060/Aaron Ryans #1434218
Christie #1004053
Rachel# 1378848
Anatomy #765237
Megah 1585660
Alexsandra #1702431
Catherine #1771218
Joe# 1773840
Eliot# 1770977
Illianna #1728946- her Daughter
Amiee James #1860634
Stacey #1303258
Jennifer S.
Jules #905118
patrick #1442866/Allison
Kimberly #1811759
Michelle #
Rio Chick #1435704
Trisha13 #1199864
GoddessPorsche #1584828
Amanda Ashless #2118741
Mark Daniel # 1999087
Stephaine Lin W. #1871485

many more....

Makeup Artist
Jodie Mcguire #541712-
Painting Faces 7 #1466824
Stephaine S. #325632
SoChicNow #1809178