About Me

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Photography is my passion, not my living. Though I strive to be professional and constantly grow at this art.

I became heavily involved in photography 3 years ago when my daughter was born since I wanted to capture every moment of her life growing up. My photography quickly went beyond my daughter when I learned that first year there are only so many photos that one can take of my daughter in her fashionable onesies laying on what ever object or person. She definitely is still the center of my photography especially after the day she looked up at me after a photo shoot and said "Daddy, I'm a beautiful model!"

I shoot glamour, portrait, and landscape.

When it comes to portrait photography, I expect interaction amongst those being photographed or with the camera. If you are going to sit there like a stiff, go find a real portrait photographer who makes a living doing this since they are after those serious poses. I do this for fun and expect everyone else to have fun too.

My glamour shoots can be from high fashion to completely nude. I cover the whole spectrum but it is in the middle that I find the most creative. As I mentioned about portrait photography, it is about interaction. A model that can tease the camera makes for the best glamour photos in my opinion. Fully clothed leaves your viewer with too much to imagine. Nude leaves nothing to the viewer's imagination.

Then there is my landscape photography which this is the wrong site for that unless we're talking about the landscape behind a model. Yes, I shoot indoors and outdoors.

As I mentioned before, photography is not my living. That means I'm not out there paying models. I will do TF*. I don't own a studio and hardly rent a studio. I do turn my garage into my own studio since I do own all my own equipment. My lighting is also portable since I have that 200 lb battery for the lights. Alright, so the portable power system only weighs 19 lbs but dragging it across a location, it sure feels like 200 lbs.

I'm also not looking for photoshop wizards. I am a computer geek by day so I know enough to be dangerous with photoshop.

Models, don't worry, I'm not looking to date you. With my 3 year old daughter came my wonderful wife who still loves me even with my gut.

If I caught your interest, feel free to drop me a message or a friend request. Looking forward to working with my fellow model mayhems.