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About Me

Though ever evolving, these days I specialize American weddings, South Asian weddings and corporate event photography. I am also well known for my head shot and musician/band photography. My style is fashion, people and design oriented. My innate inquisitiveness and intuitive eye aids me in breaking from convention and redefining the rules as any given situation might dictate. Possibly, you catch the reflections of hope, laughter, creativity, freedom or joy in the nuance of my images.

I exclusively shoot with Canon EOS DSLRs and emply high-end professional Canon, Sigma, Tokina and Tamron lenses. I prefer, more times then not, creating images that isolate a mood, emotion, movement, a single idea or strong visual element. I’m the kind of photographer that once you think you have me figured out - I surprise you with a new twist or fresh approach. To me - the camera, subject matter and lens are analogous to what a hammer, steel, fire and water are to the blacksmith...simply tools.

If you are looking to work with a seasoned photographer that is committed to excellence, reliable, respectful and is a true pleasure to work with…please feel free to shoot an email my way introducing yourself and detailing your photography needs. Thanks*****

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