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About Me

Hello all,

I always fascinated with everything surreal. colors, shapes, condition and environment which improbable to bee seen with only our own eyes. it is the same reason why I choose to have Full Infrared modified DSLR camera as my first camera in late 2008. it is always interesting to see beyond visible light.

My main passion is in Landscape, Infrared Photography, Light Painting and Night Photography which you can view in my Photoworks Links.

Recently I had a photo exhibition in Tokyo in ASEAN-Japan center in Ginza invited by Japanese Photography Society and I also held a seminar related to Photography when I was there. Couple of my photos also exhibited in Stockholm Photo exhibition in Stockholm massan in 2009 and 2010.

Although I mostly do photography for gallery, for exhibition and for charity, I also like to take personal project. And since I rely heavily on available light (meaning no studio) and Since I am fairly new with modeling photography, I basically rely on my friends helps. Unfortunately, in Stockholm I don't have Swedish friends that like to pose in front of camera.

well, if you do like to pose and consider a TFP, I have a lot of concept to execute or maybe you have some..

PS: Most of my concept require blondes/silver/dark hair color and blue / clear eye colors. But if you are not, then we maybe can tweak the concept or make a new one together.

Hope to hear some good news soon :)