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My name is Jeff. I'm a professional business person and entrepreneur who has always had an obsession with photography - specifically, "people" photography. Something about interacting with people just turns the key for me. Edge2Edge Media was formed over 9 years ago to provide a useful outlet for my passion.

Edge2Edge Photography (Edge2Edge Media, LLC.) is dedicated to providing exceptional photographic services to commercial/corporate as well as individual clients. From creative studio work to location assignments, the Edge2Edge Photography Team approaches each project with one unified goal: to produce incredible imagery.

Sarah is my assistant. If you're not talking to me, then your talking to her. Controlling both the horizontal and the vertical, the shutter doesn't open until Sarah says it's OK.


Web: www.edge2edgephoto.com
Email: connect@edge2edgephoto.com
Phone: 704-426-3308

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After 18+ months of shooting assignments for corporate clients, we are, once again, ready to focus on glamour, beauty, and fashion. We are currently seeking Models, MUAs, & Hair Stylists to collaborate on a backlog of projects.

We will consider TFP/TFCD arrangements (depending on nature of project) otherwise, we'll adjust our rates to fit your needs.

Models: Please feel free to bring an escort.

NOTE: Detailed information about doing TFCD shoots with Edge2Edge can be found here.

Thanks for visiting my profile. Now, let's shoot!



Karolina Von (MM#534331)April Czerkie (MM#1300653)Gemma Paccelli (MM#2641594)Orora (MM#2206576)CourtneyChadKrystal Pavone (MM#1712092)


19 May 10 14:26
Welcome to IStudio. Please let me know if you're ever in need of any professional photo retouching for your photos.
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