About Me

Hi, my name is Fred Turnbow,
I have been a Photographer since 1978 working mostly with commercial accounts, products, corporate photos in the Chicago Metro area. In 1982 I formed Vi-Son Productions and started producing product information videos and TV commercials. I sold that company and formed Truckin Productions , a multimedia company producing TV programing and Films here in Niceville. I started Photography again in June 2009 to support the film and video side of the company.

I am now casting for Movie and Television projects, I'd like to hear from models and actors who would like to discuss oportunities that may interest them.

I require models/actors under 18 to bring a parent, and I have no problem with escorts for models of any age as long as they don't influence the shoot negatively

I shoot models port photos and artistic shots, I will no longer be giving the raw shots to the model the same day as shooting due to copyright problems. I will let them pick out photos they like and retouch them, on all TF shoots Truckin Productions retains copyrights to all photos

Hope to hear from you soon, You can send email to Fred@TruckinProductions.com , or click on the link above that is just under our name, click it and go to the website and use the casting page.



Images featured on the following


Photography for the following:

Habitat for Humanity, Fort Walton Beach Florida
Follow A Dream, Permatex Funny Car
Destin Charity Wine Auction Foundation, 2010, 2011
NPC - Pizza Hut, 2010, 2011
Baskin and Robbins (Fort Walton Beach, Florida)
Santa Rosa County TDC
Entertainment Tonight June 11th, 2010 (The Sextuplets 3rd Birthday Party, sound on video crew)
Lighting Director for Music Video
Lighting Director for Actor Audition Video
Video Camera Operator for "Spring Break Justice" TV Pilot, Panama City Beach
Chi Chi Miguels Throwdown (charity golf outing, and auction for kids, with Emeril Lagasse)
Private party with guest of Honor, Academy Award Winning Actor, Morgan Freeman

Parts Model for how to use product Videos (website) for Permatex (hands) ****
Video posted on their website under training video

Models, Actors and Celebrities I have worked with;

* denotes 1 day worked with

Morgan Freeman *

Emeril Legasse *

Carissa Padilla - New Model*
Genesis Gomez MM#1318530 ***
Tamara Torche MM#894875 *
Sarah Gamez MM#1297176 *
Brittney Nolan MM#1376053 *****
Hannah S. New model *
Alice Claire MM#1110410 *
Lauren Leigh MM#312975 *
Nicky Blue MM#1271522 ****
Rachel Alexis MM#591849 *
Princess Camila MM #1382794 *
Natalie Minx MM #26618 OMP#199543 *
Toneata M OMP# 427370*
Robert Don *
Stephen Jahn *
Ashley Rose Sansone MM#1400625 *
Lisa Beck MM#810727 *
Ashley Jones MM# 1541925 *
Victoria Lee-Ann Black MM#1465497 ****
Sunshine Bales MM#1524047 *
Amelie de Sade MM# 1407730 *
The Original Sin, Renee Blaine MB# 101017 **
Kristil OMP# 433662 *
Tiffany OMP# 434684 *
Sarah Lanning MM# 599045 *
Jacqueline Claire MM# 858049 *
Marcia Marx MM# 1475636 *
Tina Destefano MM# 805640 **
Erica OMP# 430338 - W00t # 265 *******
Sami Sue MM# 1599435 *
Jaiden Rylee MM #1645462 W00t # 170 **
Amy Ingle MM# 1525938, Woot #322 *
Nina Bonita MM# 1489648 ***
Adrienne Jane MM# 1561427 ****
Heidi Jo Medina MM# 1608932 *
Anna **
Holly Jae MM#1186671**
Shawnda MM #666432 *
Jenni MM MM #614638 **
Marcus6909 MM# 1841304*
Valhalla Dunyn MM #1251401*
Zeffy Woods MM# 1751913 *
Cassie *
Jenna *
Mariah *
Dani Woolard MM #1808246 **
Siobhan Burke MM #1649495 **
Laura Aust MM #1646099 *
Kiki **
Taylor Pashley MM #1703868 *
Rachel 32501 MM #1337482 *
Lilly Not on MM *
Cody Alan Smith MM #1856829 *
Kerri Fitts MM #1860475 *
Kristal Joy MM #1729834 *
Erin Kadan MM #1887362 **
Kiersten Selby-Grant MM #1900451 *
Ms Magnolia *
Sydney Middlebrooks MM #1914644 *
Lexi Lin OMP #448182 MM #1365166 **********
Paige *
Ashley *
Olivia ***
Yara Sarah MM #1975700 *
Alma D OMP# 432307 *
Cheirish **
Rebecca *
Maddie DeHaes MM #1550787 *
Krystan *
Zoey **
Crystal B **
Julia Walline MM# 890616 **
Chelsea MB# 127406 *
Tiffany Jean *
Sydney C *
Alexandra M *
Amber Jacobs MM# 1322098 *
Brittany T ****
Suthernbell **