About Me

I request people that inspire me and people that I would LOVE to do work and network with!

I've worked hard to get here and will work harder to go farther.

*** SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY*** There have been many flakes!

You want it, I'll shoot it. I aim to please. I have many ideas of many different "themed" shoots, and would love to capture your eyes in front of the lens!
"Any things to consider before the shoot?"
Yes. Just a few. If you are going to be late be let me know ahead of time. Photographers do talk to each other about who is dependable and who will flake!
Communication is key! If you send me a message interested in working with me I WILL respond in a timely manner. If I message you, I would expect the same whether you are interested or not. My feelings will not be hurt if you are no longer interested. Just say something.

What about the photoshoot?
As far as the photo shoot, I can suggest a setting for you or if you have a setting in mind, we can collaborate on ideas for that shoot. As long as we have permission from the owner of the area to be used or it is accessible, I will be glad to use it in our background.

If you are as interested in me supplying you with a great shoot and quality work, send me a message or email me with:
Type of shoot or Theme (if any)
Approximate amount of time you will need for the shoot
Type and amount of outfits
And any places you have in mind for the shoot.
What is your budget?

I have my own ideas and places in mind but I'm open to anything new and different.

"What about your rates?"
If it is rates you are worried about.... DON'T! They are very reasonable and negotiable.

I also do select tf* work, but it has to be something that we both can benefit from it. Be sure to include all of the information mentioned above.

I will supply you with a disc of your edited images in a timely manner and it will be stated on the release/contract, what the time frame will be. I won't be able to give you a disc full of unedited pics.

Feel Free to contact me to inquire about my rates, theme ideas, and if you like to set up a shoot with Knightlife Photography!

Updated photos of what I do will be posted as soon as I get them edited.

While you are here, check out my port and leave a comment or 2, or 3....... It will be greatly appreciated and returned(unlike some who don't return any)

Thanks for visiting my page


If I have worked with you, or you have helped me and need a reference, I can and will if you ask! I have worked with a few people on here (most aren't on mm... yet!) so I'll mention them below. If I don't have you down, send me a message and I'll be sure to mention you!
*-denotes multiple projects

Models on MM:
*Aria #1784181
Amanda #1834084
Bella Primadonna #494998

Photographer that have been the biggest help ever:
Dana K.
ChristinaChristian #1588899

Al Beauti #1036805