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About Me

If you need to reach me, please feel free to use email rather than the MM message system.

I make my living as a freelance writer in Washington, DC. A few years ago I started playing with Photoshop for relaxation, using Elements 3.0. After awhile, people on forums began telling me I should do commercial work. So in 2007 I opened a commercial retouching site at I enjoy participating in forums because I find that the best way to improve my skills is by trying a variety of challenges and receiving comments and criticism -- and also by teaching others what I do. I have no "secret" methods and will gladly share any technique I use.

I placed images in my portfolio on this site only because it was required to join. For more of my work samples, please see the Portfolio page on my site,



26 Jul 10 03:59
Welcome to iStudio. Glad you are here.
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