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About Me

I am the coolest guy you will ever shoot with. I am passionate about photography and obsessive about perspective so I move around frequently when I shoot. I prefer not to shoot what's already been done a million times and I am constantly reading and practicing to improve my technique.

I prefer to shoot in natural light and all over the millions of acres that comprise the Mojave Desert; studio backdrops pretty much suck in comparison.

I am not someone who just recently picked up a camera and decided to call himself a photographer; I am proficient and know the difference between aperture and shutter speed. I know how to read a histogram and how to get the camera to do what I want which is to take killer pictures of you devoid of tacky effects or silly watermarks. I also know how to use a semicolon properly.

Enough about me, let's shoot...



03 Oct 10 00:51
Just stopping by your page to say hi and welcome! Please let me know if you are ever in need of any retouching assistance :)
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