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Dear Lovely Models - Some things you should know...

- My portfolio and lists are an accurate reflection of what and how I prefer to shoot to see more click the link above to my website. Yes it could be in various forms of undress, but none the less provocative and sexy.

- If you like the work you see that I have in my portfolio, you'll like that I do not shoot in a studio, I shoot on location.

- I am NOT a Fashion photographer, nor do I want to be. Yes it could be in various forms of undress, but none the less provocative and sexy.

- I am willing to collaborate to give you what you need, so long as you can reciprocate.

- Do not ask for any thing different this is my style and the way I want my images to look, unless you are paying me .

- I DO REQUIRE that we meet face to face DAYS BEFORE we shoot to discuss details and do's and don'ts.

- Please don't contact me about shooting for you then tell me your rates. I don't hire models which means I DON'T PAY to shoot for you. You get more from the shoot than I do.


- For all shoots, models must supply their own wardrobe. I do not hire stylists, MUA's or other crew. If you want one bring one, be sure to let me know before hand.

- I am always looking for new locations for testing. If you have one, let me know.

- I do NOT own or RENT studio space, I shoot on locations indoors or out; i.e. Homes, Apartments, Hotels and such. It does not need to be fancy, just cleaned up enough to walk around.


- I am serious about the end of result, but I am a lot of fun to work with because I keep the shoot safe and simple!

- I love models who are easy to work with, creative, expressive, sociable and bring 100% to the shoot.

- I appreciate timely communication, clarity and detail. I am a detail oriented guy.

- If I make a wardrobe suggestion during the shoot saying that something does not look right, I am saying it for the sake of Art and technical execution to create an image that looks natural.


- Yahoo Messenger jamesnpn1963@yahoo.com

- Phone (Cell + TXT) 719-510-6203 502-376-3390 / My Work Cell @ WHAS 11 News

- Email jamesnpn1963@yahoo.com


Release required. And no boyfriend or husband escorts - message me if you have questions about that. I just don't need the drama while I'm working.

I've traveled myself for some of these pictures but none were done in a studio. Generally I don't pay or charge, but feel free to ask - everything's negotiable.


P.S. I moved to Kentucky from Colorado 02/2012 and I am learning my way around my new home.

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Outside Magazine
The Gazette
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KOAA NewsFirst5 Assignment Editor / Photojournalist
WHAS11 Photojournalist
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