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About Me

I've shot for a fashion website, at Toronto Fashion Week and live bands. I prefer photographing interesting people. Although I have studio equipment and experience, I prefer shooting under natural lighting conditions and at interesting locations. I would expect that if we work together, my ideas and locations will not be used by you with other photographers (this should be obvious).

I have many creative outlets, but photography is my favourite way of expressing my creative side. I'm looking to find people to create with. I'm looking to do interesting and different work....not the typical work you see so often on MM.

As a warning, my style tends to be more edgy or dark at times. I've shot nudes, but not for the sake of showing a hot chick. But rather the nudity is more part of contributing to the overall feel of the shot.

Please...I am only looking for COMMITTED SERIOUS models. My shoots tend to involve a lot of planning on my part and can take weeks or months to find locations and props.

Escorts are more than welcome.



13 Jan 11 10:24
Welcome to iStudio! Lovely work, Creepy and inspirational, I like :)
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