About Me

I am a creative photographer interested in Time for Prints/Time for CD to build both my artistic and professional portfolio. My artistic style leans heavily towards the romantic and impressionistic styles, although I am versatile and able to produce professional and commercial results.

I've had to put my work on hold for a few years to focus on my family, now I'm ready to focus on my career again. I am very interested in expanding my portfolio, as all of the work I have available is rather outdated. Please contact me if you are interested in working with me.

The two major artistic projects that I'd like to complete sometime in my life are
1. Vintage Pin-Up style photography, a salute to the classic American art form and
2. Pregnancy Artistic nudes, a celebration of the beauty of women in various stages of pregnancy.

Some photos that I would really like to add to my portfolio are:

*Artistic shoots at local beaches/waterfalls
*Bridal, Engagement, Trash the Dress, etc. I'm especially interested in specialty weddings including ethnic/cultural focused and those taking advantage of our new Civil Union permits :-)
*Boudoir photography
*Pregnancy photography
*Children's photography with a modeling emphasis (magazine, clothing, etc)
*Model/Actor Headshots, and/or full Portfolios for the right person