About Me

Hello. My name is Dave. I am an amateur photographer and have been involved in photography for over ten years. My focus in photography has primarily been landscape and cityspape as well as some sporting events. I am wishing to expand my horizons to include the human form, portraitures and more artistic and expressive photography.

I have a love and passion for photography as a pure art form. I shoot because I love it. I have no plan of becoming a professional photographer. I wish to work with models at all levels of experience. If you are new to modeling and are wanting to improve you portfolio, create shots to submit or just wish to have photographs for yourself, I am willing to be a part of it. Whatever style you wish to try, I am game.

Since I am not wanting to turn profit but rather build my own portfolio and increase my experience, I offer my services for TFP/CD.

I do not have a studio that I work out of but rather I shoot on location with natural light. I do plan to begin utilizing artificial lighting with my photography, but that is a work in progress for now. I do have a regular full time job that I go to, so I will be available mostly on weekends. Weekday shoots are possible but do need to be planned a little more.

I look forward to hearing from you and hope to be a part of many projects in the future.


Models I have shot with on MM:
Knautica 20 MM#1278459
Davinity MM#1354889
Miss October Sky MM#1417555
Marley Monroe MM#1403592
Kisha19 MM#1362543