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About Me

I'm a fine art photographer, from New York, currently residing in Oklahoma City, OK, though travelling back and forth. I am looking for models for a number of different projects. Presently, my main focus is working with models who have various body piercings for a project currently in the works.

Please... I take my work seriously, all I ask is that you are prompt and to the point. I won't flatter you in hopes of acquiring another model. This isn't all that complicated, and I prefer to avoid anything that makes this feel as if it is.

If you are adding me, be sure to look at my work before doing so. I shoot nudes. I don't elude to shooting fashion or anything else with the hopes of talking you into nudes when you show up. If you have "will not do nudes" in your portfolio, I have "will not shoot you" in mine. 0

As a pioneer in the bringing of sites like this to the masses, I'm all for its success, however I prefer the path be that of integrity. : My personal site!


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