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After a little break, I'm slowly starting to take pictures again.
Thanks to all the members for your messages of support.

A big Thank You to the members who leave a message, a tag or a comment on my profile or pictures. Your support is greatly appreciated

I'm specialized in Glamour and Fine-Art photography -and Glamour doesn't always mean nude. 0




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Glamour Photography At Its Best - Official Website


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12 Aug 11 15:52
Pretty damn good!
11 Aug 11 03:24
Very pretty pictures,great job!
06 Aug 11 07:05
hello old freind from mm how are you ?
05 Aug 11 15:35
Thank you for the App!! =) You Have A marvelous Port Great job^^
04 Aug 11 22:50
Love U Port...Perfect...if you come to jakarta maybe we can work together...:) You can also see a beautiful place in my country like Indonesia Anyer beach, Kuta Bali and the island of Senggigi which can be used as an object shooting
25 Jul 11 08:27
Welcome to MM and thank you so much for comment, nice work you are!Take care!
20 Jul 11 16:43
Thank you for stopping by. Your portfolio is fantastic. Love your work!! Brenda
19 Jul 11 23:41
Welcome to istudio
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