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About Me

I could sit here and float your boat for the next twelve paragraphs while boasting about all of my stunning accomplishments (I have none, really) in some sort of narcissistic rage, or I could just be honest and tell you that I'm just another average, run of the mill photo enthusiast who's trying to bring something fun to the table.

I am currently doing this on a very selective, sparse basis. My main priority right now is my paying dayjob, seeing as how I recently became engaged and now have a wedding to pay for next summer. I'm also very selective about whom I work with.

I mean no offense to anybody if I decide not to work with them, I just cannot fulfill everyones wants and needs when I'm doing this for free. There may be certain situations where I ask for minimal compensation (mainly gas money if I travel to you or if I think I'll have to spend hours editing your photos).

I base my selections on the projects I have in mind, and the kind of people I think will enhance the diversity within my portfolio. Thank you for your understanding.

Right about now, it's all about experimentation. I do what I can with what little I have, and try to do it to the best of my ability.

While it may not last forever, I currently work mostly on a TFCD basis (no TFP because I can't afford to print), but as I stated before, there will be times I may ask for minimal compensation.

I'm more about trying to build up a strong and diverse portfolio at the moment while helping aspiring models add something unique to theirs.

I do not have a lighting kit. All of the pictures you see in my port were used with either natural lighting, whatever lighting was within grabbing distance.

I am far from a professional, but take pride in my work and put my very best into it.

I'm a work in progress.

I also have an obsession with Oreo Mint milkshakes.


William Gilreath (Model/Hair Stylist)
Leslie Costner (Model/MUA)
Marcus Bell (Model)
Jay Dunlap (Model)
Leslie Moore (Model)
MoniqueTheModel (Model) - MM# 1005389
April Young (Model)
Makala Campbell (Model)
Katie Abernethy (Model)