About Me

I am a photographer, writer and musician that seeks artistic and creative people to work with. I do not pay models unless its an assignment for a client, (one that I'm getting paid for as well). I am someone that can help you gain abstract and artistic perspectives for your portfolio and at the same time add to my own.

Professionalism is key.

My mind is chaotic and wild, and gives me a lot of interesting ideas. Most of which I've yet to complete. If you're interested in working with me, just let me know.

A lot of my concepts involved nudity (suggestive or full), but that doesn't mean if you want to work with me you have to consider getting undressed. Most of us are adults here, and I can read. If you're profile states that you do not participate in such shoots, I will not ask or press the issue AT ALL.


Photography heroes (To name a few):
Richard Kern
Diane Arbus
Richard Avedon
Manual Alvarez Bravo
K. Edward Mitchell
Harry Callahan
Andre Kertesz
Robert Mapplethorpe


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