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I'm a hobbyist who has only converted to digital format in recent years. Having been shooting film for over 20 years, I'm not in favour of photoshopping pictures. I used to do a lot of outdoor and landscape photography. I'm now playing with lights, experimenting with indoor flash photography, so you may see me using some weird, improvised lighting equipment and makeshift "studios".

Busy with my business, I'm normally only free to do shoots on Sunday mornings. Apparently, this is not a very popular timing with most models. That's OK because I'm a bit more selective nowadays. There are too many Miss Forgetfuls, Miss Hangovers, Miss Greedys, Miss Lates and Miss Attitudes out there. Like most models here, I'm also doing it "for fun", but that is no excuse for unprofessional behaviour.

Models who have worked with me will tell you that I'm a nice and easygoing guy. However, I do have my principles and ground rules.

Models who wish to work with me, please make sure you can be punctual on a Sunday morning. If you are not keen for whatever reason, I would rather you let me know from the very beginning. I won't get angry if you reject the shoot. I will get angry if you accept and don't turn up or show reluctance during the shoot. I've heard all the excuses including the one about grandmother giving birth.

There are quite a number of Miss Suspicious around here as well. While I understand the need to be cautious, I would get tired if I need to answer too many questions. If you don't feel safe shooting with me even in a public place, then let's move on to other people whom we can trust. A companion (boyfriend/girlfriend) who keeps a safe distance is perfectly all right with me.

Everybody's time is precious. If I cancel a shoot last minute because of urgent matters, I will compensate the model for his/her transport and preparation costs at the next shoot. If a model cancels a shoot at the last minute because of urgent matters, I will only accept an apology provided there is some form of replacement/compensation (i.e. discount) for me.

I don't do that much TFCD anymore as newbie models in this category have the highest no show rates. If I ever do a TFCD, it must be done near my home so that I don't waste too much time travelling in case the model doesn't show up.

TFCD Policies:
I decide the location
The model decides the attire/theme
The model can stop the shoot at any time
The model gets all the pics within a few days
I will not use the pics without the model's permission

Paid Shoots Policies:
I pay the modelling fees in full at the end of the shoot
I decide the timing and location
I decide the attire/theme (but seldom provide it)
Pictures become my property which I may publish
Models can request for a few pics for use in their port

If your rates are considerably higher than that of other models, I expect some special talent like dancing, yoga, bodybuilding martial arts, or some unique costume that you can provide. I don't like people increasing fees when the shoot and fees have already been agreed upon. Believe me, it happens.

Finally, I hate lateness, no shows and people who say they are free most of the time but can't make it on any of the days I suggest.



13 Jul 12 06:52
Hello Dear ! I have done fashion, lingerie, bikini ! My rates depend on the type of shoot & the amount of time taken. *Contact me for rates* If you are interested in working with me! Thank you! Angelica!
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