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About Me

Well my name is Cory Nellon i'am from New Orleans,la. and i been living here in GA. for over 10yrs now I been in love photographing since High school long time have a lot invested here its been this far so its time to start making my shots more noticeable. want to start Working with more models,mau, hairstylist ect. Now having a studio at hand would make this all more possible to achieved the impossible also what ever come to mind i'am also ready and willing work and collaborate with model other photographers out there i am a very easy going person patient and very creative like useing what it takes to make it work
This Update 2012 8 25 To all Aspiring model that is trying to get into this modeling world whether your experience or not young or old things you need to know about Model mayhem. Is a Free networking site So you all need to be Aware of who is contacting you and there location State,City Ect.

more things to know

1. Always have and escort
2.get a full name try to google it
3. Find out location get the address and google the address see where it at before you go
4. if they wants to pick you AND Escort shit you have cell phone take a picture of the license plate and the car there driving text it to some that knows your going on a shoot.
5. if have transportation get there early see what they show up in >Do Step 4.<

i will update again soon i am tired of hearing bad happening with suppose to be Photographers i wish they would stop Useing this Site like it a Dating Site or Some quick Sex site Thank you for reading this update and you all be safe. and if anyone want to this message me