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Tfp is a term in the photography/modeling industry that means, trade for print/time for print as sometimes it can benefit your portfolio. Aka, no one gets paid.

I will not shoot tfp if
- You are a huge company that can "benefit my portfolio with all of the exposure I will get." Well if you are a huge company, you can afford to pay me
- There's no reasonable benefit for me or my portfolio

These are exceptions for tfp if you want to shoot with me
- You're the hottest model in the world.
- You are a super reputable model.
- You have a great port and with lots of credits under your belt.
- you're a family member or a CLOSE friend (not a "Hi I haven't spoken with you in years, I MISSS YOU, Wanna Shoot?!?" friend.

Do you go to work for free, why should I?
Photographers still need to pay the bills!!!

My rates for paid shoots are inexpensive, and I give value for your money. If you have a theme or concept in mind, send me a message and we'll see what we can work out for you. I do have a team of make-up artists, they don't usually work for free either, they'd like a kit fee at least - I don't cover this cost normally.

Please Call When.....
Before a shoot, I will give you my contact information as a professional courtesy. We all know that life happens..and sometimes, life gets in the way and you just cant make the shoot. I appreciate a call to let me know you cant make it...just as I'd call you (preferably BEFORE the shoot) . If you cant be bothered to let me know you cant make it, then I wont be bothered to book you for a shoot in the future - just asking for a little respect and courtesy is all, canceled shoots can be rescheduled.

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Barrie-ON … 593?ref=ts
Twitter https://twitter.com/Chrisboy2004


I've worked with several models from MM, and outside of MM. The list has simply become too long for here to be included any more, but if you'd like references to contact, please ask and I'll point the way.......

Sophisticated Images *Candace L * Katie Scanlan * April arcon * Kim Nicholson*Vanessa Tyndall * Awkward Stage * Ashley Dining * Jenny Lin

Le Petite Chapeau * Imago

Recent Publications / Credits:

Fitness Star International
American Curves
PIE Magazine
Gasoline Magazine
Lakeside kids magazine
Music Pro
Billboard advert in Illinois
Photosho magazine
book cover - Dutch aerlines
West 49 - updown magazine
Maryland PHCC magazine
Good Housekeeping magazine
Digital Photographer Magazine
Debonair Magazine
FAME National Fitness Championships Canada


31 May 09 14:36
You are a VERY talented photographer and I look forward to working with you again soon.
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