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I've been shooting professionally for 8 years, now. I'm looking to work with anyone who loves photography, in front or behind the camera. I shoot pin-up, glamour, hot rod, tattoo, portraits, weddings, etc. I also design t-shirts. I do "a little of a lot". I price differently. But, I keep my rates very affordable and flexible.
I'm not interested in TFP/TFCD and, unfortunately, due to the industry containing a ton of flakes and hacks(on both sides of the camera) I will not confirm a shoot with out a retainer. I'm pretty unforgiving when it comes to this topic. And I don't post my "little black-listed book" but I will give honest answers about who I've worked with (most have been fantastic)
Shoot it!

This my full time job, i don't enjoy a flake. It's rude.


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