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OK! After getting most of my equipment stoeln, I have started to rebuild with the kindness of a few friends I have replenished most of my equipment and I'm ready to get busy again! Who wants to build and have fun?!?!?!?!

Hello! With tragety averted and back in the game, I'm ready and hungry to start again!! I am looking for great people, models, MUAs, Wardrobe, etc, who want to build and and expand our portfolios together. I am am Amateur Professional photographer working on rebuilding a portfolio and breaking out.
My area of greatest passion and desire is in B & W and Sabatier prints. I am looking to build my portfolio and experience with any kind of work and I am looking to do TFP/CD especially. If you want to build your portfolio or just experiment with new ideas, I am open and eager to build with you.
My style and personal drive is mostly in natural light and studio work. Here I strive to bring you the best in photography as well as making your photographic experience memorable. I believe that your photographs should be made creating a memory to last a life time instead of just a picture. The time that is spent creating this memory should be as much fun and enjoyable as is the photograph itself.

I look forward to working with you and growing in vision, heart, experience and life!!!!!




Rachel Gray MM# 823205


06 Apr 10 14:34
Thanks for the friend req add and tag. Amazing port and photos. Hope to collaborate with you someday!!! Take care and God bless always. xo Marianne WRS
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