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About Me

Diable - French (Noun) Dee-ah-b - Devil .......... 4 Wins in 2006
Pedro P. Polakoff III (IS#505280)

I have relocated to Springfield, VA (Washington,DC Metro Area).

Welcome to my darker side. In this profile you will find my alternative fashion, fetish, and darker art images. Most of what you'll find here is not what you would call mainstream by any stretch of the word, but is is a part of what I do and I do it well (at least in my opinion).

In my opinion photography, as an art form, should invoke emotion and each image should tell a story. The emotions invoked may not always be pleasant and the story told may not always be happy, but if the emotion is there and the story is told, then it is art!

Threads I co-Moderate on MM

Serious Retouching

Photoshop Fun

* $60/Hr + $15 per 8x10 ($25 per 11x14).

* Package #1 $60
+ Location shoot
+ One (1) 8x10 prints

* Package #2 $80
+ Location shoot
+ Two (2) 8x10 prints

* Package #3 $120
+ Studio or Location shoot
+ Five (5) 8x10 prints in book

* Package #4 $160
+ Studio or Location shoot
+ Five (5) 11x14 prints in book

* Package #5 $200
+ Studio or Location shoot
+ Ten (10) 8x10 prints in book

* Package #6 $220
+ Studio or Location shoot
+ Ten (10) images arranged into two (2)
hi-res digital images for Comp Cards.

* Package #7 $325
+ Studio or Location shoot
+ Ten (10) 11x14 prints in book

* Package #8 $350
+ Studio or Location shoot
+ Ten (10) 11x14 prints in book
+ Two (2) Hi-Res Digital Images from the 10 prints
arranged for producing Comp Cards.

* Package #9 $650
+ Studio or Location shoot
+ Twenty (20) 11x14 prints in book
+ Four (4) Hi-Res Digital Images from the 20 prints
arranged for producing Comp Cards.

CD/DVD of all proofs with viewing/ordering software. Minimum of one hour of actual shooting time (breaks & changing time not counted). One digital image for each print (600px @ 72dpi, watermarked). Retouching (except removal of backgrounds & objects) on all prints. An additional fee of $25/image will apply for advanced retouching (background replacement, removal of objects)

Not Included: Studio/location fees, MUA/Stylist/Wardrobe fees, Other miscellaneous 3rd party fees which are payable directly to the 3rd party.

I require a 25% Non-refundable (except if I must cancel without option to reschedule) deposit to schedule a session.

$30/Hr billed in 15 minute increments to a maximum of $80/image or $200/day whichever is less.

All work is non-destructive, performed on calibrated workstations, and returned in layered TIF, PSD, or PSPIMAGE for maximum compatibility with your editing software.

I do not do TFP/TFCD unless it is for a creative project of my own or a collaboration that strikes my interest. I am always open to suggestions for collaborations, but in general you can expect to pay for my services. My rates are very reasonable and I do consider barter, trade, and alternative methods of payment as good as cash in some cases. Don't be afraid to ask.

If I have contacted you about a particular project it is because you have a look or style that appeals to my artistic vision and I'm seeking to collaborate with you in bringing that vision to reality.

To see my mainstream/commercial work, and retouching samples, please look at the profile in the #1 position on my friends list.. Thank you!!


Event - Philadelphia Zombie Crawl & Zombie Prom, Bi-Annual
Event - Vesago, Monthly Cyber Fetish/Dance Party
Event - Sex-Dwarf, Monthly Retro/New-Wave Party
Event - Libertine Ball, Annual
Event - Diablolique Ball, Annual
Event - The Philadelphia Experiment parties, Monthly
Performance - Archedream for Humankind
E-Zine - Passional Magazine - Fashion, Weekly

My IS friends are those whom I have a great deal of respect for either because I have worked with them, know them personally, or desire to work with them. If I have worked with anyone and they are NOT in my IS Friends there is a very good reason for it. Please take it for what it is worth.