About Me

How I started:

I was born in St. Albans Vermont. I grew up in Enosburg, graduating there in 1998. In 2000, I joined the marines and spent the majority of my enlistment at Camp Pendleton, CA. While I was out there, I was introduced to photography and decided it was something that I wanted to be a part of.

About my photography:

Photography is a fun side project for me. I am not a professional photographer. I work a regular desk job from Monday to Friday during the week until 5:30, so I do any shoots at night or on weekends. I can help build portfolios, I can do artistic and fun pictures, or I help guide you in the direction of being a model, but Im not here to make anyone rich or famous. If you are good enough as a model and have a quality portfolio, then someone who can will notice you.

I've send you a friend request because:

1. You're my friend or I know you.
2. I might potentially want to work with you.
3. I like your profile.
4. I like your work
5. You seem artisitic and interesting


Paige E MM# 1215368
Jenna - MM# 485758
Kate Vella - MM #482424
Sheena Renee - MM# 136749
Ashley - MM# 459617
Gloria - MM# 144801
Cassandra - MM# 171832
Nytosha - MM# 177005
Amanda - MM# 184462
Kristen - MM# 185365
Madalyn - MM# 140315
Isabel - MM# 1346
Renee - MM# 119286
BaileyMarie - MM# 121571
Krista - MM# 138390
Saaski - MM# 278526
RavenHart - MM#b229509
Nikita Lakita - MM# 229216
Allie - MM# 362236
Marie Elizabeth - MM# 196563

And many others not on Model Mayhem



I did a photo shoot with Dj back in the summer of 06'. We went to multiple sights to take different photos. I was comfortable shooting with him and i would recomend him to anyone. I hope to soon do another photo shoot with him! Thanks a million!