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my favorite color is gray (not really a color its a tone) i like gray because its not black or white. few things in life are. i guess its sort of a "the middle path is the key" thing. if i had to pick a true color i think it is yellow at the moment. its bright and exciting. i love images of all sorts but especialy photographic ones. its my my passion, what gets me up in the morn and keeps me up at night!

here is a bio written on me for my film projects:

"Rick Andersen first picked up his mothers 1970’s all-manual Minolta camera at 8 years old to document dioramas he made of his toy dinosaurs in his back yard. His initial interest in photography became a passion in his teens, and at 26 years old he chose to follow photography as his profession. His wide range of work encompasses all aspects of image making, with a special emphasis on capturing the human form and condition on film.
Rick was raised in southern California, and now lives and works in his spacious studio in Kansas City. His work includes prints for magazines, musician promotions, and also comprises commercial, editorial, and portfolio development. His work is not merely taking a picture. He conceptualizes, designs, and implements the entire process. Rick is currently the director of photography on his first full length feature film, “The Majestic” and has another project to follow immediately. His next film, “Candles” is a drama centered on tragic events that took place in the late 1970’s in Oklahoma.
Rick collaborates extensively with locally based MGN productions. For many regional models, he is the premier photographer for portfolio development."

My studio, Hitmanphotographics.com, is everything i've wanted since i stated shooting. Tall ceilings, plenty of room, and in a great location for outdoor work. photographers come from all over the region to shoot in my backyard! i am influenced by classical paintings, and current photographers working in fashion, glamor, editorial and fine art. i am constantly collecting strange, interesting and fun things to shoot with. i love new ideas, and concepts and meeting new people who are creative and bring something to the table. have an idea for a shoot, or need an idea for one? let me know and we can make it happen!

TF: im having to restrict my tf work at the moment as i am swamped with paying gigs. I feel my rates are reasonable for the quality of work i produce, and i am willing to negotiate with my clients. i will however, conceder tf work with people who can bring something special to my portfolio or who are willing to work on my personal projects. message me with your ideas if you feel that we can help each other in our respective endeavors!


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14 Nov 12 16:25
Thank you for FR. Love your work!!! Brenda
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