About Me


We believe that "subtlety in expression can have the greatest impact visually."

The largest emphasis of our photography has been family and individual portraits. However, we're always looking for other ways to express ourselves artistically. We want to keep our art diverse so that's why we're here. We want to work with implied nudity/artistic nudity and glamour style, and we're always looking for models of all body types, skin tones, genders, and ages. We believe everyone can be shown as works of art!

We have loved photography since we were both young.  We were always the ones in our families to captures those special moments.

Not long ago Corina found herself jobless and enduring a stressful time looking for work. She needed something fun and meaningful to look forward to during her spare time. Since we already had our professional equipment, and with her background in photography and Robert's in theater and art, taking up photography became the most obvious decision to help Corina relax. It has also given her the energy to stay focused and not loose faith while looking for work.As a couple we have put our spare time to good use! We have fun and what we bring to the table compliments each other's skills. We photograph models, pets, kids, babies, families, and anyone who wants to be photographed.

We recently started volunteering our photography service to the local SPCA, to help do our part and give back to the community.

He's not someone prone to self-grandeur. Having spent his life studying philosophy and world cultures, he never passes up on a chance to learn something new. When he traveled to Japan to pursue koryu martial arts he divided his time in training with exploring the culture and people of Japan. Armed with only an old point and shoot 35mm he discovered his love of medium and how his personality influences the end results.

With an undergraduate education in theatre arts, ge has years of experiences to help me bring out dramatic themes tempered with simplicity in his photography.

“Subtlety in expression CAN have the greatest impact visually.”


.... was born and raised in Romania. As a child she was influenced by her hard working father to appreciate "life as a
gift." Her love of photography began with her parents. Their collection of old photographs inspired her to ponder the emotional impact a photo can illicit.

Having spent her childhood under Communist rule, Corina jumped at the chance to travel abroad. Corina went to school in Scotland for missionary outreach studies. She followed this with missionary work in Portugal. Later , Corina’s exploration finally brought her to the United States.

Over the past ten years Corina has perfected her skills working with form and expression to create images that communicate emotions!



MM models we've worked with before:

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Ashley Ocon #1327008
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