About Me

With a rich artistic repertoire, my work converges Photography, Painting, Music, Poetry (Spoken-word), Installations and Projections, all on the body. I got tired of painting on canvases and decided to use the body as my new canvas. Giving it new meaning and dimension both visually and as a performance-tool. People don't know they have a skin, till they have a wound... yet it is the largest organ on the human body.

Making use of the paint on body, my oeuvre dissect the different issues affecting today's society, lending a new sight to envisage beauty in the most simplest of forms, the body.

Since 1990 I have embraced and done works (exhibitions and visual arts and body painting festivals) in greater parts of Europe (France, Germany, Swiss, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy and Spain) and Africa (Ghana, South African, Kenya, and Cameroon).

I am a Visual & Performance Artist, and have an extensive Art/Creative Director and photography portfolio. Currently doing an MA degree in the field of Live-Arts (Arts Performance, Innovative Paint and Digital Media), and producing Visual & Performance Arts works in The UK, (London) and greater parts of Europe.

Below are some of my selected works

Selected works, 2008:
Performance Arts

"Nyango" (Body-Paint Photography Installation) - 2010, London

"SkiNs" - 2010 London, Berlin, Paris, Bern, Douala

“This World is not my home” Sep.-Oct. 2008/09 – Arthouse Tacheles Berlin

“MAYDAY” May 2008 – Creative-Arts Space, London

“Sonic Plinth” March 2009 – Stanley Picker Gallery, London
“Identity Crisis” – 2008/09 – London

“Furaha” – in collaboration with Marco Woldt aka Essensual, on Global Grooves EP
“I’ll Run” and “Be with her” – In collaboration with Debra Bilikha, on Afro-Grooves EP