About Me

I post most of my photography whether it is personal or for fashion on my Flickr account.


YES I do TFP - as that seems to be a very common question I've been getting, I think that's what model mayhem is for. If you want to find work I think as a photographer or model you should probably advertise somewhere else, but I could be wrong.

I've worked with and have met some amazing people through photography and I truly enjoy the steps that it takes to accomplish an excellent finished product.

I have a lot of ideas, and you want to help me with them - just let me know.

I manage a lot of Special Events, usually in the endurance industry, a lot of the time the clients ask for female workers, and my photography with my work combined, is why Model Mayhem is a great fit for me. YES, these are paying temp jobs.

Also - I fly for free, I can travel to any location in the United States, destination is not an issue.

Quick Note:

I know this sounds weird/dumb
but I am NOT some old, perverted guy with a camera, trying to get you naked. I don't shoot nude, because it's just not MY style of photography.

Second I am NOT trying to date you, I am engaged to a very beautiful women, that is extremely out going and is everything and more than I can ask for, I'd like to keep it that way.

I am very out going and super friendly, I respond very quickly on model mayhem, so expect that while e-mailing me.


I have a published head shot in Ebony-Jet Magazine "World Wide Nate" International Travel Vlogger.

Professional Triathlete "Jenna Shoemaker" Olympic bound for the United States

The "official" photographer for the Virginia Beach Rock & Roll Marathon (not the sideline guy) more the Marketing Photographer

I've helped teach a lighting & techniques class for Ritz Photography in downtown Chicago


I am the only local photographer that has any work showcased in the stores lobby.