About Me

29 years old, born in Salem Oregon. Used to shoot fashion and beauty photography, I no longer do so....

The last two years I have been working on my first feature film which is now complete ( www.thehumdrummer.com ) After making the film my vision as a photographer has changed drastically. Although I still use the same lighting and directing techniques the end result is something completely different as you can see in my work. Very inspired at the moment so I am looking to do a great deal of shooting. If interested in collaborating please send me a message.

Other projects I am focusing on:

video installations
If you are interested please let me know and I can elaborate.

A feature length documentary touching on topics such as beauty, passion, media, art, and any other topic I think of along the way.

Just launched a section of my production company web site....
( www.a2pix.com )
more categories and works will be updated in the near future.

Sometimes I pay models: If so I ask that the subject not ask for the images. I often take my time on projects that I invest financially in.

If I do a trade shoot I send a link of the photos from the shoot so the model can pick there top choices and I will do minor re-touching. That process is usually a week turn around.

Most importantly I am looking for models that are extremely passionate about what they do and view what they do as an art form.

Thank you for your time :)

James Jaeger