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{} I mostly do Landscape/Nature photography but recently started trying my hand with Models. I do not have a studio, so instead i enjoy finding unique places to shoot. Check out the link to my deviantart page to see all my
different styles of photography {}




02 Mar 10 15:31
Lovely Portfolio!
04 Feb 10 08:28
Dennis, Outstanding port! Love you concepts, models and scenes you use.. Glad you have incorporated Models into your work, Fantastic choice!!!!
26 Sep 09 10:58
thanks so much for the pic comment! would you mind voting for me? thatd mean alot http://www.exploremodeling.com/Contest/Faceof_ELF_2010/12417/nina_napoletano.aspx take care!
26 Aug 09 10:12
Hello! Thanks beauty for your comment, i hope some day can work with you! Here a new photographer and friend! Di Carlo
29 Jul 09 14:48
thank you for the lovely pic comment!
29 Jul 09 08:45
Hello my bestest friend!
27 Jul 09 06:49
i'm glad you came over! we need more great photogs on here!
26 Jul 09 23:57
Well thank you, very sweet of you to say. Im flattered that you remember me from MM. And I appreciate the friends request very much ;)
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