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About Me

My name is Dan. I started off side by side with a photographer and modeling. I've gradually moved over to more of taking the photos. I still have vast room for improvment and I'm always looking for models to help me grow as a photographer. I've found that MM is great for connecting people and working toward a common goal. I am completely profession when i work. I do not have any restrictions as far as guests that you bring to shoots. If bringing your gf/bf makes you feel more comfortable, by all means bring him/her. For right now,I'm doing very limited FF work. I'm willing for any suggestions by anyone. Message me if you wanna work together!
As far as cancelations go, things happen. Please give me sufficient time if you do want to cancel, but emergencies do come up and its understandable.

Models I have worked with:
*Renee MM# 1084236
*Stacey MM# 1024627
*Casey M.
*Kristie MM# 625741
*Brandie MM# 482199
*Jessica #1612942
*Brit B.
*Kim MM# #1240981
*Salana MM# #735310
*Emily MM# #1246805
*Brooke MM#1662841
*Christine Croft MM#1282347


As of right now, I'm just getting into the whole editing process. But I do have a professional editor that i use...Kristie Marie's Photography. She's strives for perfection! Check out her work as well. Mayhem #781142