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TFPs: The *only* TFPs I am doing currently are concepts that intrigue me, that tell a story. If you have an idea or concept that you want to do, feel free to contact me. I have access to a variety of locations and sets - including a haunted house for goth and horror work.

For fashion and portfolio work, my rates are extremely reasonable.

We will always look at all images before you ever leave the studio and you will be able to eliminate any images you never want to see the light of day. You will never have to worry about something more revealing than you intended sneaking its way out of my studio. We will pick the images to retouch together. If I contact you, the number of shots and wardrobe changes is negotiable, but in either case, you will not get copies of all of the RAW shots from the session, only the retouched ones.

Watch my casting calls for any projects I may have available.

WORKING FOR "FREE": I see a lot of models and photographers both who expect to get paid for their work, and that's fine. They state they will not "work for free." The letter "T" in TFP or TFCD stands for "TRADE." This means that both sides receive value out of the shoot. For someone to tell a photographer or a model that they won't shoot for free means that they are expecting to receive no value from the other party. Honestly, I think putting it that way is rude and insulting. That said, I do not shoot TFAnything unless I think we *both* have something to gain from the shoot. A Trade should always be fair and equitable, don't you think?

NUDES/IMPLIED NUDE: These sessions are scheduled around my wife's schedule and she will be present in the studio (but not necessarily the shooting room unless you want her to be). These sessions have to be planned in advance so I know what your boundaries are and how much you want to show. TFPs for these sessions are available.

RUNNING LATE: If you are running late, I cannot guarantee a full shoot. My schedule is set sometimes weeks in advance and I will not cut someone else's time short because you are late. If you were to be paid for your time, do not expect full payment if your late arrival caused the session to run short. If you are running late, please call as soon as possible. After multiple late arrivals, I will not use you again for 6 months, minimum.

CANCELLATIONS and NO SHOWS: It is always preferable to call at the last minute to cancel than to simply not show up. If you need to cancel and call, I will reschedule you when time allows. If you do not call and do not show, I will assume you no longer wish to model and will not need you again.

PAID WORK: I *must* do at least one TFP/Test Shoot with a model or MUA before I will use them for paid work. (I understand that makeup is expensive, so I will consider a modest "kit fee" on an MUA TFP.) An exception will be made for an experienced professional with print credits and/or trusted references. If you are interested in paid work with me, please contact me and we can discuss how you might fit in with any pending jobs. This includes workshops I occasionally give at my studio as well as some commercial work.

ESCORTS: Escorts are always allowed, provided they are friendly and cooperative and do not disrupt the shoot in any way. They may be asked to hold reflectors or carry gear, though. 0

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Headshots and Publicity: http://www.txheadshots.com

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