About Me

I've been shooting models since September 2005 and have an interest in a wide range of styles. My main objective is to Have Fun. I'm always receptive to new ideas and I'm willing to try ideas that other photographers may run screaming from.

I'd like to work with models who are looking to grow their portfolio. I'd like to expand my portfolio by working with a variety of models on a variety of different and unusual themes.

I primarily work on a TFP basis but I'm not afraid to pay a model when necessary.

I'm based in Sussex, and have studio access a short distance from the M23 (Junction 11). I'm willing to travel for location work, or to use a borrowed studio if one is available.



May 2009 - Canterbury Group Shoot
April 2009 - msworld19
March 2009 - LornaW
January 2009 - J Bear (MM)
September 2008 - msworld19
August 2008 - Evelien Cascada (MM)
August 2008 - Brighton Group Shoot: sohpy_m; afrodizzynat; Lauren (not online)
July 2008 - Tishian
July 2008 - Franki Garnish
May 2008 - Canterbury Group Shoot (organiser)
May 2008 - Araminta
April 2008 - Maria Valentine (PS)
Dec 2007 - uberredfraggle (lj)
August 2007 - HayleyK
July 2007 - Cat_C
June 2007 - Anika Mae (OMP)
May 2007 - Canterbury Group Shoot (organiser)
May 2007 - Seductress
April 2007 - Studland Bay Group Shoot
March 2007 - Synthetic_Cookie
February 2007 - lulu_
January 2007 - Raya
January 2007 - StrawberryPip
December 2006 - Claw
November 2006 - Charlotte Vaughan
October 2006 - Araminta & Grace
September 2006 - Boo69
September 2006 - Eastbourne; Hummingbird, LisXX
September 2006 - Netley Abbey Masked Ball shoot; Seductress, synthetic_cookie, tattered_alice
August 2006 - LadyLibitina
August 2006 - GemmaH
July 2006 - Reculver Towers and Canterbury with Vicky_Kent
June 2006 - Brighton Group Shoot; LadyLibitina, Ravensblood, Araminta, Francesca, Nikkia, Chloe, Shelley
May 2006 - Lucifera
May 2006 - shared shoot with a few first-time models at the camera club
April 2006 - vicky_kent
Mar 2006 - Brighton Group Shoot; vicky_kent, Jin, Sandy_Mills
Feb 2006 - bloodmistress
Dec. 2005 - Brighton Reunion; CCC was packed with togs and models. A good day out where I managed to do some work with Ruby_xxx, Jessicajives, dee1, sallybabe, Sandy_Mills, grundymc
Oct. 2005 - Cambridge; the weather was good, my asthma wasn't. I managed to work with: princessscarlet, samsmith, bazzabland, sheena
Sep. 2005 - Brighton Group Shoot; the weather was kind to us all, and there were so many models and so little time; dee1, francesca, jessicahart, LauraM, nikkia, sallybabe, sheena


26 Mar 10 17:33
You have some great images! Would love to work with you :)
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