About Me

Hi, I'm Patrick.

I have been in love with art & photography for the past 20 years, gaining experience from wedding to advertising studios, and in recent years, enjoyed shooting automotive events and high paced international and domestic motorsports events.

I have also touched based on portraits, landscape, animal and architectural photography throughout the years. The only area that I intend to explore in the near future is fine art / artistic nude photography, hence I am looking for models who are interested to explore similar imagery.

Procedures & Offers:
a) Mandatory coffee shop meeting (option to have a friend / escort)
b) Working phone number exchange
c) Photo session (option to have a friend / escort)
d) Payment for model at the end of the session
e) CD of images for model within 3 weeks after Photo session
f) All images are to be used for my portfolio / website purposes only

Please do not hesitate to contact me for details if you're looking for similar experiences (with pay).




28 Nov 09 00:48
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