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About Me

My name is Alex. I am a working photographer in Greenville, South Carolina. I have fifteen years’ experience in photography.

I don't mind doing TFP, but it will be on a case by case basis, and contingent upon an adequate release. I have plenty of quality shots in my book. Unless the shoot is going to benefit me in some way, I prefer paid assignments.

I don't mind paying models for their time, but I only pay agency represented models, or models in the "Experienced" to "Very Experienced" category range with plenty of work to show. I can't otherwise justify payment without a test shoot first.

I expect appointments to be kept. Models who cancel without a good reason, or just don't show up, will not be considered for future projects.

The photographer/model relationship is a business interaction. Far too many models I've met seem to believe that every guy they shoot with is trying to date them. I'm not, so please don't treat me like I am. I expect adult, professional communication and interaction. Save the bogus phone numbers for the creeps you meet in the bar.

If you're serious about shooting, I expect prompt communication. I don't have the patience to wait three days for an answer to a single question. If you don't check your email often, call me at 864-320-2757, or provide me with a contact number.

I insist on using a make-up artist. The images will reflect on both of our reputations. Professional make-up makes a difference. If we agree to shoot, we can discuss the details.

Unless prohibited by an agency, I require a commercial release, with reasonable negotiation allowable, for all shoots. This is based upon the following:

• If I am paying for your services, I expect to get a return on my investment. It is right and fair that I have the legal right to use the photographs to make money. I am not paying for your services so I can admire your image on my computer screen.
• If this is a TFP shoot, the relative financial investment is grossly unbalanced. Assuming you are an experienced model, we are putting in equal time and skill relative to our crafts, but the financial investment on my end is significantly higher. If you are not experienced, then we are investing the same time, but you are benefitting from both my experience and financial investment without reciprocation. Either way, I have more invested, and it's fair that I get something of value out of the shoot besides pretty pictures of you that I can admire on my computer screen.

The idea of an escort in and of itself doesn't bother me. I do comprehend a lady's need to feel safe. At the same time, however, I have shot hundreds of women of all age categories in every state of undress. They have all made it home alive and well . . . untouched, unraped, unmolested, and unharmed in any way. If an escort is your only means of transportation, then so be it. But if you insist on bringing an escort with the implication that you need it for safety, I personally consider it an insult to my character. Don't even schedule a shoot with me if you think you need a bodyguard.


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