About Me

My name is Mark and I have always been interested in Glamour photography since being a teenager. About a year ago I plucked up the courage to give it ago as an amatuer, I have visited several studios throughout England photographing some very attractive models. This has encouraged me to take my hobby further and would like to possibly do photography as a change of career. The models I have shot include Frankie, Nicole, Carrie, Monica, Natalie Frost and many others. All the models were very easy going and well experienced which made my job much easier and enjoyable. The studios have all been well equipped and the owners willing to give advise on the best lighting effects and backdrops to enhance the pictures. I would like to gain more experience and to meet with different models and would be willing to try different types of photos depending on the assignment. I can be contacted by e-mail markwillis@manx.net.



28 Nov 11 08:24
thank you
27 Nov 11 18:30
Very nice portfolio. Great job
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