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Hair Color:Red
Hair Length:Long
Eye Color:Green
Ethnicity :Caucasian
Skin Color:White
Experience:Very Experienced
Compensation:Depends on Assignment
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Last:8 Aug 2013

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About Me

I live in Vancouver now!

Kelowna: Aug 21-22
Banff: Aug 23
Calgary: Aug 24-27
Edmonton: Aug 28-31
Fort McMurray/Fort Mackay: September 1-5
Then I will be headed back through similar territory with a flexible schedule, so get in touch!

September: YOU TELL ME!
October: Toronto
November: Thailand?
December: YOU TELL ME!
January: Mexico (not sure where yet)

My boyfriend and I have a room to host some models/photographers depending upon our own travel plans/availability. Be in touch. 0



I have my valid passport, and am available for work. Work for a one-way flight pass is possible if I am given time to find outside paid work. Otherwise, all flight costs (round trip) must be covered. I can arrange my own accommodations with enough advance notice! (I've got lots of experience in this stuff!) 0

A new male model is interested in posing with me also in Vancouver and often abroad. The two of us will shoot trade together with the right photographer. We have many 'inspiration' photos and are fine with shooting all but erotic together. He is 6'3, lean and has a tattoo on each calf, along with a band around his right bicep. Blue eyes, brown hair, willing to do nudes. Limited availability - contact me for more information!



I work up to full artistic nude. I am also available for beauty, fetish (latex latex latex!), fashion, lingerie, bridal and lifestyle. I would LOVE to add more digital/fine art paintings/drawings to my portfolio!

Months in advance or last minute, I will always do my best to fit a shoot in!  

A couple of important points about how I handle my profession - please read this!

I don't flake. This is my full-time job, and if I am flaking, I am ruining my reputation and not paying my bills. My commitment is guaranteed as soon as we set a date - please always feel free to call/text/email/message me to confirm.

- artistic nudes
- fetish
- beauty/creative makeup/hair
- fashion nudes
- erotic (we must discuss what you deem erotic versus what I deem erotic ahead of time - I NEVER show 'baby-making-bits' ifyouknowwhatImean)
- some glamour
- abandoned locations
- lots more - what do you have in mind?

COMPENSATION Extremely limited TF/Tests.
Will work for submissions!
While I am always very flattered by trade requests from admirable and uber-talented artists of the photography world, I have been a professional model for over 5 years and seek to be paid for my abilities as a model, as this is me making a living. I am confident that I can provide a suitable outcome for your dollar, and I offer competitive rates. In very rare circumstances, I will accept trade bookings for striking opportunities - so please don't be upset if I cannot accept. I am always fully committed and grateful to anyone who chooses to book me to model for them. SEE BELOW FOR OTHER OPTIONS:

TFClothing/Latex/Makeup/Plane tickets/Canon Camera Equipment:
Yep, I do this, but it absolutely must must must be discussed prior to me showing up.

Please don't do it... but if you must due to unforeseen circumstances...
Within 24 hours, I require 50% of the intended payment sent to my email. This may be offered as credit for a future photoshoot at my discretion. If I'm standing on your doorstep because you didn't get in touch (no excuses) when you cancel, I require 100% of the intended payment in cash. I don't do the cancellation thing, so I hope you wouldn't either unless absolutely necessary!

Everyone from total newbies to pros! So long as you conduct yourself professionally, we are good! 0

Please, please, please! I'm also seeking a corset/latex company to work with on a long-term basis... hint?

I have one rate. It blankets parkas to lingerie to nudes. The rate is for my ability to model, not the amount of fabric covering my 'bits'. I offer by-the-hour, half-day and full-day rates.

I'm a certified aesthetician, and a published makeup artist with experience including:
- Head MUA at a GUESS fashion show
- Worked on a finalist for Miss Universe Canada - Maria Nahri
- Several short films and TV shows
Makeup application is included in the cost of a photoshoot with me.

I do it but keep my travel-for-work generally above the US/Canada border. I mean, please, get in touch, because who knows what the future holds/we can do some paperwork to get me to your shoot if you really *really* wanna. I have travel lists for each state/province/several countries, so let me know! Also, keep an eye out for my travel notices. Canadian passport isn't expiring for a few years, so get me out to you!

I'm happy to work with whatever crazy thing you have in mind as far as props, but please tell me BEFORE HAND where possible. I'd like to research some possible ideas for the truly out-there props so that I can come to your shoot completely confident and full of inspiration! For clothing, REMEMBER: I am not a size zero, and 'One Size Fits Most' doesn't apply to 5'11 girls.

I've got references from all over North America, or feel free to contact those credited in my portfolio/under my credits links.

I moonlight as:
- Photographer - since 2006
- *Retoucher/graphic designer (highschool 2004-2006, then college program 2007)
- Makeup artist (certified) - since 2008 > MM 808564
- Assistant (experience with a Hasselblad with the digital back) and know my way around lights.

* - I AM available to retouch the photos we shoot together, but I know copyright law and will only do so if you request it. Many of the photos in my portfolio are edited by yours truly (with full permission). I'm actually quite good and I ABHOR the gaussian blur effect. Pores are good. I DO have samples.

Re-started Dec 1, 2011


Hundreds - I have a complete list if you would like it!

I'm always happy to give honest references.


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beautiful port.
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