About Me

You might be great for some shots I want to do, and, of course everyone should continuously add to their portfolio. A model needs to keep her look up to date and that means changing her portfolio often. I used to be a photographer in NYC, and I still have connections there, so I may be able to help you get connected there too. I'm in upstate NY near Albany write to me at llambert2@att.net but make sure you put this website and MODELING in the subject with your site ID/ # so I don't delete it and so I know who you are. There is so much SPAM today I don't bother even looking, unless I know what it is. You can also see some of my photography on www.wnterhawk.com and yes I spell it with no "i" in wnterhawk

Don’t worry about experience. Most of the models I show on that site have no experience at all in a studio shoot, but you wouldn’t know it from the pictures. That’s my job to make you look good. If you contact them they will tell you that I can show you what you need. I have 30 years of experience in photography. If you want to see more of my portfolio, check out my personal webpage. Those are shots I took of models that except for one are new and had never worked in a real studio situation. I’m going to give every model I am working with a page on my site as long as there is room to do so. You can have one too. And no I don’t want your money.

You should NEVER have to PAY for portfolio pictures. Real photographers in fashion / magazine industry will shoot you for free as a "test" We are always looking for new models but want to know what you can do. The best way to find out is to shoot you. But no one is going to take a chance on a new/unknown model in a real paying shoot. (there is just too much at stake to take a chance on an unknown). So that's when we do what we call a "Test" You get pictures from the test as well in return for your time. That's called TFP "Time for Prints" or a CD. I’ll just take the pictures I get out of it and we’ll both be happy. So if you are really serious about modeling, reply to me here right now and let’s talk about setting something up. I’ll send you to a section of my site that tells you what to expect and how to prepare for a shoot. It's part of the book I'm writing a “How To” book on modeling, since I spend so much time these days teaching new models. If you want to be in it; come do a shoot.
I'm also making jewelry from precious stones ...yes Rubies and Sapphires etc. If you look good enough I may use you right away for some of my jewelry. So you get a job to put in your portfolio first thing. Not bad for a "test" Check out that website at www.goldfinchjewelers.com and if you are really good ...I'm looking for a permanent "spokes person for my site" ...to be in all the pics ...You get some of my pieces in return for that one. Amber on that jewelry site got Garnet Earrings for her two pics... (that's her birthstone)

If you are interested and serious you won't hesitate. In this business, you can't be unsure. Just do it and make it happen.