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I host random mixer events in the Fresno & Surrounding Areas. The event is called "ISO" & is geared for bringing people together for photography purposes. Persons interested in any & all areas of photography are welcome to attend. It's a great for increasing your network, meeting new people, gaining experience, trading Tips-N-Tricks, & having a great time with others of similar goals & passions. If you are interested in attending an "ISO" event, please send me a message with your contact information such as cell phone #, email address, MySpace Profile, etc. See images from past events: ISO#1, ISO#2, ISO#3.
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My name is Sal Hernandez. I am a 10 year military vetran who is now making my way through the world with normal society (if society can even be considered as "normal"). I discharged from the Military in Jan 2006 and moved back to California. Originally from Modesto, CA but now residing in Fresno, CA Thanks to my lovely wife, Vero.

I enjoy photography which is a hobby turned career. My current comfort zone is with nightlife (flash) photography which can be viewed at ClubFlys.com along with the work from other local photographers who I have invited to photograph events for and along side of me. (I am always looking for new nightlife photographers for the site, if interested... contact me via message.)

As far as the range of my photography... I am able to do and open to everything. From landscapes, still life, action/event photography, portraits to full on nudity, artistic nudes, & implied nudity. If I haven't shot it before, I am willing to take a stab at it and see how we do. After all, we aren't given experience... we make it! Just because you don't see a certain genre of photography in my portfolio on here, it doesn't mean that I won't do it or haven't shot it. Check out my full gallery at LasherPhoto.com

I joined this site to contact model friends & meet other photographers, MUAs, Stylists and other like minded photography driven people. I don't even mind being invited to just "tag along" or to help out in any way that I can. Everything helps me to learn more about photography.

I am not a "Big Time" photographer who pulls in massive amounts of money, so unfortunately, I can not afford to pay anyone anything unless I am commissioned for a specific project. I do charge for my photography and I believe I have reasonable rates. If you want quality images for your portfolio, then it is a good idea to pay for it as it is an investment.


I am extremely limited when it comes to shooting TFCD and it depends on if I have the time, minimal workload, & beneficial to my portfolio. As you can see, I do not do TF* shoots but if you need a hook up, I can do a shoot for a reasonable donation. Just hit me up and lets work something out to get your shoot scheduled and executed.

I believe that Trial and Error is the best method of learning and I know how to receive constructive criticism. Please take some time to check out my portfolio and comment on my work. More of my work can be seen at LasherPhoto.com. You can also leave comments and rate my images on my website as well as here on iStudio.

If you have any Instant Messengers... I can be found with the following contact/username/profiles:
- AIM: chican0
- YahooIM: chican0
- GoogleTalk: pyanet


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If I haven't listed you in this section, please let me know so I can add you.


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