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Hello and welcome to my last photography project.

Anima Nuda... Naked Soul..

This is not just a collection of photographs, but is an ensemble of feelings and emotions painted by light on a simple, soft, appealing to the eyes, relaxing photo.

This is an artistic project, open only to true artists.
I am not looking just for a model, I am looking for someone interested in capturing the expression of their emotions.

I am very selective in the people I choose for this project because it has to express emotions.

No, I do not want $$ for you to be photographed and I will not pay $$ to photograph you.

This is art, not a hobby nor a way for me to burn time away.

If you like this project and you feel up to it.. please write me an email at: animanuda333@gmail.com


Amiria Devine - MM 139104 - Natural born muse


24 Nov 09 12:01
Love your work. Keep them coming!
23 Nov 09 00:36
Had a great time at the shoot today! I cant wait to see the final images! Tasha
22 Nov 09 13:36
Thanks for the friend request! Tasha
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