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What image captures the essence of Bian Variani? Jetsetter?? Playboy? Designer for the stars? Each of these describes only a sliver of psyche of this fashion phenom. Variani is a person every bit as colorful and ornate as the clothes he designs, a vibrant representation of the life and passions that have shaped him into one of the preeminent design icons of today.

After surviving a miracle birth, Bian enjoyed a childhood filled with fantasy and love. Raised by his artistic and hardworking mother, BV was captivated by her strength and motivated by her intensely creative persona.

Spending Countless hours playing "superheros" with his brother Blaz stoked the flames of imagination and cultivated his steadfast belief that he can achieve the impossible.

Combining this magical upbringing with his innate talent and discipline, Variani has become a renaissance man, transforming from an innocent and wide-eyed child into the trend setting veteran of the bright lights and red carpet that he is today.

Bian isn't just a radiant personality; he is a beacon that draws all kinds of people to him with his warmth and sensitivity. BV is comfortable and confident in a crowd, whether surrounded by athletes, metrosexuals, models or hip-hop performers. A keen observer of people, he know exactly how to approach anyone, at any time.

If he sees a stranger, they are friends in a matter of moments; the loneliest person in a room will feel like they have met their soul mate after a few minutes talking with Variani. And there in no beautiful woman who doesn't feet like a princess when she is a part of a captivating and enchanting conversation with Bian.

Variani can visualize the vibe of an entire room at a party or social event and know exactly how to raise the level of expectation. With a flair for the extreme, Bian is also a master at creating his own events. having a sixth sense for exactly how he wants a gathering to play out, BV can write the script for how everything will unfold, seemingly in control of the lights, the mood, the music and the reactions of everyone and everything around him.

With this ability, it is easy to see why fashion experts consider him a marketing genius, Variani has pulled off shows that stun and amaze even experienced performers, rocking the stages of world-famous groups and venues from Vancouver to Miami, from Central America to the Orient. He has incorporated large-screen TV's, dancers and rap elements in many stage shows and has even exploded onto the stage atop a racing motorcycle and floated in from the above while skydiving. BV is keenly aware of the impression and everything about his style and approach confirms that fact.

This isn't a single word, alone event or even a solitary emotion that describes Bian Variani. The man, his life, is a finely woven tapestry of feelings, beliefs and actions that transcend all of his unique qualities.
As with one of his fashion creations, it is the finished product of his masterful life, not the individual parts, that displays the true essence of Bian.



15 Sep 11 01:29
Welcome to istudio..
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Welcome to istudio.
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