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David EnaM, professional photographer who work essentially on fetish imagery... sublimates the woman he captures as inaccessible creature....
His work brings up a visual identity using special lighting techniques and staging recognized worldwide. David EnaM represents a revelation of visual Alternative fetish Art... In parallel David Enam work on several projects with his wife Ijsselina International Fetish Model...

Born on may 68, David EnaM has been quickly attracted by artistic environment and creation.
His attraction for aesthetics of sublimated woman didn't start yesterday.
It came from a social culture and from a long initiatic path through fetish environment where he turned to at 20 years old.
in spite a work begun years ago but it's only since a really short time he decided to
Express himself on this theme and to show it to the public stools and ways of expression as the web.

David EnaM doesn't work on form but on the substance of fetish imagery giving a meaning to employed codes.
He doesn't surf on the " fashion" trends , bearing this concept, but always wish to make discover to anyone this universe so listed and caricatured and wich is for David a real parallel to our social life and reveals like this, codes of submission and domination used everyday in our human relations.

"Feminine & sublimated entity

Here, there is no place for vulgarity
Is the kind of vision of David EnaM
Imagery born from this vision reveals Woman like an untouchable and inaccessible creature
holding in every situation, the power and also the sensibility and the fragility
that make her power and force.

Nadia Clay

David EnaM, ne travaille pas sur la forme, mais bien sur le fond de l'imagerie fetish, donnant un sens aux codes employés. Il ne surf pas sur la tendance "mode" et porteuse de ce "concept" mais exprime depuis toujours la volonté de faire découvrir aux yeux de tous cet univers ô combien catalogué, ô combien caricaturé et qui pourtant à ses yeux, représente une véritable parallèle à notre vie sociale, faisant ainsi apparaître entre autres, les codes de soumission et domination utilisés chaque jour dans nos moindres rapports humains.

"L'entité féminine sublimée"

Ici, la vulgarité n'a pas sa place et balaye ainsi les idées reçues...

C'est ainsi que se porte le regard de David EnaM.

L'imagerie issue de cette vision fait apparaitre la femme telle une créature intouchable, inaccessible possédant quelque soit la situation, le pouvoir mais aussi toute sa sensibilité et fragilité qui font sa force.

Nadia Clay.


Patrice Catanzaro
Montreal Fetish Weekend
Photo Magazine
Ragage Publisher


06 Nov 10 04:22
Me voilà ici maintenant... ; ) I Kiss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Monsieur !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
06 Oct 10 14:53
wow awesome work so striking and sexy
02 Oct 10 07:09
Beautiful work
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