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UPDATE: Photography has now turned into my full time job. I have a new portrait studio of my own in Marin. I have BIG plans for this year, which will involve much more professional work. I am certainly still available for TFP work, and when I get paid work, the people who've I've worked with will get precedence over others. I love networking and meeting new people to collaborate on projects together.
Also, I am a professional and not here for please stop asking.

Photography for me started as a curiosity, grew into a hobby, developed into a passion, turned into a profession and blossomed into an art.

I shoot all kinds of photography, including fashion, lifestyle, events, weddings, landscapes, architecture, sports, and products. However, fashion has been a hobby that I am working to turn into a career, with a goal of working for agencies and shooting for publications and shows.

I am building my portfolio now with many different concepts and therefore open to do TFP for models, MUA's, artists, hairstylists, etc.
I'm very professional, well-organized, and VERY reliable, so naturally I would prefer to work others with the same work ethic. I have a lot of studio experience so I am looking to do more location shooting, indoor or outdoor.

I love to work with people who are:
- willing to think outside the box
- wanting to try new creative things
- are open minded, friendly, and easy-going
- willing to take risks and move beyond their comfort zone

I won't work with:
- models who have a big list of "will not do's"
- divas or bad attitudes
- flakes
- models who request paid assignments only. I spend much time and money preparing the shoot, work hard during the shoot, and put in countless hours after the shoot in post production perfecting the images. I will, however, be willing to trade all that effort to work with the right people. I've been fortunate to have worked with amazing and wonderful people.

Creativity is only limited by imagination; there is no room for egos. Big bonus points if you're willing to try anything. If I friend request you, it's because I love your work or would like to work with you.

Right now I am looking to expand my styles and shoot edgier, artistic, moody, sexier, or alt work. If you have a idea in mind, something you've always wanted to do, or would simply like to brainstorm new ideas, I would love to hear from you!



14 Jun 11 09:46
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