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About Me

[What is Py25 Studio?]
Py25 Studio = Professional, Personalized, and Perfection imagery:
- Help aspiring models to develop commercial portfolios
- Help experienced models to update their books
- Help high-end models to perform specific commercial work

Primarily focus on headshot, fashion, lifestyle, and corporate, personal portraits. I believe that good portfolios will in turn bring in good works, and in turn will bring in bigger fish... I will help you to catch those big fish with great photographs.

[Portfolio Shoot] - Dedicated Priority Projects
- 2 hours session & 2 looks (Makeup not included)
- Fully photoshoped, 8 hi-res e-photos provided
- On-location or studio in San Gabriel (next to Pasadena)
- Satisfaction guarantee! We shoot first, pay later!
- I want you to feel that you get your money's worth

[About TF work] - Auxiliary Charity Projects
I can do TF work with new models, because (1) paying forward for those models who helped shape my portfolio, and (2) some models' portfolios are just disasters, and begging for rescue... If yours falls under the (2) condition, let me know. I may have time to help.

Please refer to my TFP page for more details: