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About Me

I recognize that my work doesn't appeal BROADLY to an extremely wide audience; but I nevertheless hope it appeals DEEPLY and STRONGLY to those to whom it appeals at all.

Secondly, I'm all for making friends and networking. That's what I'm here for. But please drop me a note, comment on one of my images or say hello in a "Tag" before banging out a friend request. I'm thinking that "friendship" requires some sort of contact or basis. If I don't know who you are, if we've never interacted, or if you have 18,000+ friends already -- I'll probably just delete your request unless/until we get acquainted.


I make my living photographing professional sports -- primarily during the winter months. My journalistic work has been heavily published both in print and on the web throughout the Northeast I've backed about a dozen calendar projects over the years, both solo and jointly with other photographers, both here in the US and in Europe.

My first publication credits were in Michigan, back in the late seventies, where I earned a degree in fine art/photography. In addition to journalism and fine art, I also do forensic photography, litigation support, accident investigation, etc.

In the off-season (summer months) I travel and teach. I do outdoor nature/landscape work in Death Valley, Canyonlands and Yellowstone National Parks. I photograph motorsports for several prominent magazines. I also dabble recently in erotic portraiture -- which is the purpose behind my ModelMayhem membership. I wish to network with male and female models in the Northeast who might wish to add my style of images to their portfolios, and to thereby fatten my own at the same time.

As for my "style": I tend to suggest or imply more than I explicitly include in my images. I favor parts over wholes. I like leaving room for the viewer's imagination to complete the image. I like crafting images that invite the viewer to look at human bodies in new ways, to see beauty and eroticism in the bits that aren't traditionally or conventionally construed to be the "sexy" ones, and to discover the beauty of line, form, shape and light for their own sakes.