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About Me

Hello my fellow Mayhem Comrades and Cronies!
Let me just start off by saying,.... I love Mayhem !
My Biz partner , and life long friend ,and I, own A small boutique style studio/gallery in Oklahomas own Paseo Art District. We've been open a little over a 2 years now and biznez is getting bigger and better with every month. (thanks in part to mayhem!)
We do weddings , concerts, poetry and hip-hop slams and competitions,
and recently high end baby showers have been all the rage! go figure.
have lots of fun at these , plus useually wind up doing the maternity pics for the mother to be. (which I luv)

But truth be told , we both love portraiture, theres something about that personal bond that u create when you share time and creative energies with a person to take a "pretty girl" and make her beautiful!

Guys don,t be scared to respond either, we do just a fine job with gents as well as the ladies.

We love our plus size models as well. We do a fantabulous job of doing digital body sculpting to make u look your best.

Want diversity ? Well we are the one stop shop.

I William,
have a gritty glam type approach to my sessions, while not ever forgetting to capture all the sensuousness and grace of my subjects.
I adore heavy contrast and mysteriousness ,
Articulate complex poses, so beautiful yet slightly dare i say scary?
Definitely a more serious and darker side.

Stacey,..... Carries a style all his own, mixing hip-hop with elegance, classic and true. With a lighter side of life, remembering to capture those genuine smiles, and sultry slinky looks, a master of technical lighting.

Now that ive told u a little about us now comes the hard part.... the rates.
Just kidding......

We are a very reasonable with all our clients and are very affordable. rates are as follows:
50 dollar studio fee (2 hour studio shoot with 3 -4 outfits.)
want the great outdoors? no problem.
75 dollar location shoot(details same as above.)

Now as far as Your pics are concerned...
There are several different ways to purchase those.
Typically folks such as yourselves need hard prints for there portfolios.
We can have 8x10's printed through our lab,
(thats rite, chemical lab prints, professional quality) not some lame, h.p club picture print.

For the nominal fee of $15 Dollars a piece .
Printed and litley re-touched on Kodak Endura Metallic paper.
If u haven't seen this paper its amazing, colors pop like no other , and black and whites or tea stained have this silvery or bronzey look , so beautiful.

in sHORT my comrades, we are livin' the dream .
Thanks again for all the support and love.

William R. Raines
Stacey L. Harris
Professional Photographers
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