About Me

Experienced photographer. Live in Switzerland but shoot in London and Switzerland.

Currently Testing,

I am testing at the moment in a N London studio.

Shooting a mixture of beauty, editorial and "lifestyle aspirational" styles.
I always provide a make up artist.

I always provide shots which are portfolio worthy.

I am professional in my approach and attitude but we have fun at my shoots.

Usually, I have a preference for outdoor editorial pictures which have a crisp and clean feel to them. I do not usually supply wardrobe. That is the responsibility of the model as I do not use stylists as it is a logistical feat getting a model MUA, myself and location organised at the same time and the stylist is just a step too far for me to attempt. If you have one and he/she is willing to do it either for their book or at low cost then great.

Models I am always willing to discuss your ideas and desires when shooting. Especially if it is a collaboration tfp/cd. Although I do not accept cash for my assignments I am in all other regards professional and will treat you with courtesy but have an expectation of professionalism.

Ultimately, this is a means of expression and creativity for me. It is not my full time job so I expect to enjoy the shoot. That means I want you to enjoy the shoot too. Let’s have some fun and make beautiful pictures.

Chaperones I am always amenable to chaperones attending shoots. Especially if they carry equipment and hold reflectors etc. I do not work for or hire art directors and do not expect the chaperone to act as one.

Web site http://www.gdsandy.com

Comments always welcome