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Hi there!

My name is Lindsay and I am an aspiring makeup artist! I have already started practising as you can see and am really looking forward to working with many models (I model myself and have a mayhem page for that) to improve my technique and bring my imagination and dreams to life! makeup and body paint is an art that I want to master!

I do have experiance and have always done my own makeup. I have worked several weddings as well, and gotten paid good money. It is so much fun, and I can really get creative.

Hope to hear from you!!!


Makeup Artist

Running the whole month of January!!

Local 50% off!!
If you are able to book an appointment with me during the month of january and come to my house to get your makeup done... instead of costing $20, it will only be $10!!

Travel 25% off!!
If for whatever reason you cannot make it out to meet me, and I need to travel to you, you get 25% off!! that is still saving you $5!!

To take a look at some of my work, please ask me.

Contact me:


or contact me here on iStudio!




30 Apr 12 11:42
Hi there! Saw your casting and I'm a model currently working on setting up shoots in the area. I will be setting up shoots all summer. If you would like to work with me on shoots then please send me a message! :) Cheers!
10 Dec 09 21:09
Welcome to iStudio. Thanks for your pics comments. Nice work.
07 Dec 09 21:39
Welcome to iStudio
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