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Weight:117 lbs
Hair Color:Black
Hair Length:Bald
Eye Color:Black
Ethnicity :Black
Skin Color:Brown
Experience:Some Experience
Compensation:Paid Assignments Only
Join:6 Nov 2010
Last:28 Dec 2010

About Me

October 25, 2010

Hello my fellow MM'ers, I have been gone for a while I had a devastating month. My best friend and both lost someone extremely close to Cancer and my fiance lost his father, so I had to take time to get my head and heart back together! I hope that this time away has not lost me friends but I hope that you all are understanding.

Now time to get back to work.
Keep your dreams alive
Understand to achieve ANYTHING
your vision.....hard work.....determination.....&.....dedication
~Gail Devers, 3-time Olympic Champion~

Being a little girl growing up on the streets of Detroit, I had always dreams of traveling to New York or Los Angeles to get my "big break." Cameras snapping away as I mastered the runways of Milan, Tokyo & Paris. Longing to shoot in Amsterdam, London or even Haiti (that's where my family originates). Wanting & needing to be on the minds of millions and in the hearts of even more, even if I have to start with one person at a time........


As a matter of fact when you get done reading this pass my name along to a friend.

My name is Tamica Michelle and it's nice to meet you. I am CONSTANTLY networking and tyring to expand the circle of folks that I know. I am looking to build a lasting and working/creative relationship with any and everyone that has a passion for fashion, modeling and the mind of a vivid imagination.

I am open minded and strong willed. I am creative. I am willing to try something new. I am your muse, now take the time to help me paint a picture of beauty, through your eyes.
About me:

I was born and raised on the streets of Detroit, MI. Extremely proud of my Haitian/Creole/Indian Heritage. To be honest I've been here, there and everywhere; never no real home. But I found myself in fashion.

I have embraced and found a love for my long legs, skinny arms, full lips and my own flava! I am just me. I was born with a special switch in my hips and a love for the camera. I am tired of people always telling me that I should model. My time to shine is now and i'm going for it.

I was talking to someone and they said that because of my age, a lot of doors are closing for me.

My reply: I'm from Detroit, guess i'll just have to find a window of opportunity to climb thru!

Type of work that I am seeking:

I am not just looking to be a Sacramento (not saying that anything is wrong with Sacramento, I have been here over a decade) Superstar. I want to go as far as my career will allow and even then I will push even further. Like I said very open-minded so I won't limit myself to any genre, but I am interested in doing:

*Commercial, High Fashion, Editorial/Catalogue, Lifestlye, Glamour, Underwater, Fetish and Pin up Modeling.

I would love to work in the following areas:

*Promotional/Trade Show/Spokemodling

My passions and my first love belongs to the:

*Runway, Bodypainting & Artistic Nude Modeling

*Paid shoots have priority! I know that we could work out a reasonable rate. I primarily just want to make sure that my travel expenses are covered and maybe a little something for my time.

*And looking for quality over quantity, but I am also looking to end up with a reasonable amount of photos for my time. And as much as I love working with people, my TFP is going to be more limited. I have a family I solely care for. With that being said I am a proud mother to 3 beautiful daughters, so NO PORN and ALL nudes must be artisitc.

*VERY WILLING TO TRAVEL, even outside the United States!
So what am I saying?

*I will take your direction well.
*I can lead without direction.
*I will rock your gear.
*I will stomp your catwalks.
*I will represent you and your thoughts.
Last but not least:

I thank my beautiful and dark-skinned sistas for showing me that it is ok to love me just the way I am. Thank you Grace Jones. Thank you Alek Wek. Thank you Ajuma Nasenyana. Thank you Kiara Kabukuru. You made me love me more!

I am energetic, friendly, outgoing, and most of all I've got spunk!

I am Tamica!


Artist/Painters/Body Painters worked With:

Donald Monzon
The Bronze Sun (Golden Bronze Sun)

Second Skin Images
Rich Diltz
Mayhem# 54
Photographers worked With:

Blink of An Eye Photography**
Rick Pringle
Mayhem# 551338

Mark Perry
Mayhem# 852621

Dan Hood Photography
Mayhem# 2676

Diverso Copia
Mayhem# 801681

Face Design Studios
Erin Haight
Mayhem #835227

Ghetto Glam Photography**
Mayhem #370744

just Rich
Mayhem #684524

Orca Bay Images
Robert Bates
Mayhem #877852

Phia Lorraine
Mayhem #714329

Sacred Vessel
Stephen Weiss
Mayhem #144212

Warren Hearl***
Mayhem #378976

Mayhem #107622
Designers/Stylist worked With:

Jeremiah Hill
Mayhem #867117

Brownskin Design
Nina Brown
Mayhem #531493

Exquisitely Eclectic
Mika Pascual
Mayhem #380833

Faedrah Clothing
Mayhem #492687

Jaclyen Chideme**
Mayhem #1479784
Fashion Shows:

December 2009
The Collection: A Fashion Affair


17 Sep 11 02:27
hope all is good for you now. i love your b&w pics & you have really something different,very beautiful mix & be proud to be haitian! love
10 Nov 10 19:50
Just visiting your page to say hi and welcome. Please let me know if you're ever in need of professional photo retouching
10 Nov 10 16:25
Excellent work
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