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If you are looking for some easy TF ways to build up your portfolio, feel free to contact me. I welcome people coming with ideas and we work together from there. Having said that, I work with SERIOUS models only. If you are not seriously going to schedule an appointment and showing up as agreed, please don't waste my time. And, for the TF, I mean Time-for-JPG files. It's your business to decide whether to get them printed.

Basic etiquette:

1. Let's be professional, practical, and reliable to each other. Please don't act care-free. Please don't give me stupid and fake excuses. If you change your mind, you can just say it.

2. Please do not suddenly stop an ongoing communication. Giving no reply delivers a message much stronger than simply saying "no" or "let's do it later".

3. Please do not be late for a scheduled appointment, especially when it is location photoshoot. It's never smart to pretend that you are still coming in an hour as scheduled.

4. I accept Friend Request without much screening. No special preference is given to this kind of "friends" for future projects. And I delete people who flake out.

5. Visit my website for more work and other links to my work, since model mayham only allows 10 photos...



22 Aug 10 01:40
Nice portfolio. Emotive images. Alex
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